Worries about Messi’s injury are drastically overstated

As everyone who follows the world of football is no doubt aware, Barcelona superstar Leo Messi had to be substituted off at half-time in their match against PSG yesterday.

However, worries about Messi’s injury and its possible effect on Barcelona have been drastically overstated by the media and many fans. Click through for why.

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Obligatory first post

I love football. I love talking about it, I love analyzing it, and I love watching it. I’m partial to La Liga, but I’ll usually watch a few EPL games every weekend, and I make an effort to watch Bundesliga as well. And, of course, I follow both the Champions League and the Europa League closely.

I also love statistics. When I see “facts” that look odd to me, I go into research mode. Do Barcelona always play a man up in the CL? Do Real Madrid really get awarded an absurd number of penalties? Is La Liga really more of a two-horse race than the EPL? (Not exactly, sort of, and not as much as you’d think.) If you actually decide to read this blog, don’t be shocked to see numbers littering up some of the entries – I really like facts.

I have my loyalties: Barcelona and Valencia have stolen my heart, and there are a lot of other teams in Europe that I follow and have in a rough pyramid of favorites. I try to remain unbiased, but I will focus on some clubs more than some others, and my views are obviously affected by who I like.

That said, Madridistas shouldn’t find too much negativity here about their club – I only have so much football hate in me, and most of it is channeled toward Chelsea, who I despise with all my heart. In a Chelsea-Madrid CL final, I would have gone out and bought a (Spain) Casillas or Ramos jersey. I’m still not convinced that Chelsea didn’t use black magic to get past a host of more deserving teams.

Madrid barely register, compared to that, though Mourinho himself certainly does, as do several of the players. (No, Ronaldo is not one of them. I have nothing against Ronaldo.)

Fair warning.