Knock out qualification

This year isn’t very exciting, at least not in comparison to some of the years passed, but there are still some key matchups, and the rules for tiebreakers are still confusing.

So, here’s how we stand, with one game to go.

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Champions League, Day 5 (Groups E-H)

With the Champions League group stage rapidly drawing to a close, the tables are beginning to look clearer. With one game left to go for groups E-H, here’s how the tables look after the events of today. (Plus commentary, of course.)

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Saturday roundup

Champions League matches start up again next week, which meant that most of the big teams in Europe were playing today. I watched Bayern out of the corner of my eye, and some of Ajax as well, but I was mostly focused on the EPL and La Liga. I was paying enough attention to Serie A to see Juventus’s unbeaten streak broken by Inter, though – kind of a sad moment on principle.

Here are some of the highlights:

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UCL matchday 3: Barcelona v. Celtic recap

Wow. Just wow. The results from yesterday honestly could not have been any more perfect. Well, I would have vaguely liked to see Juventus win, but seriously, whatever.

Anyway, onto Barcelona. Nervewracking, terrifying, put the Deportivo match to shame in the anxiety it provoked (but not in the entertainment value – I’m not sure Depor even own a bus), but they pulled it out at the last possible second with Jordi Alba scoring his third goal in two games. And this one was in the right net! Yay, Jordi!

Major talking points:

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