UCL matchday 3 predictions part 2

Zenit/Anderlecht is already underway, but that’s okay. I’ve already got it all down in UEFA’s match predictor.

Speaking of which, yesterday totally broke my awful E-H record. I’m a little annoyed at second guessing myself on Valencia – I originally had 0-3 and ended up changing it to 1-3 – but still, good day for me.

Helped along, of course, by the fact that I successfully played a joker and my three “well, I won’t get anything for predicting it the other way, anyway” all played out. Celtic, Nordsjælland, and Braga defied expectations and won me almost 300 points.

Anyway. Onto today. It’ll probably go terribly, just as payback for such a good day yesterday.


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UCL matchday 3 predictions

Yeah, I know Spartak/Benfica has already started, but I already had the predictions down on the UEFA match predictor, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I am dreading today, by the way. For matchdays 1 and 2, I killed on the groups A-D day. Like, I got multiple scorelines right, I got almost all of who-scored-firsts right, I walked away with a lot of points. And then I killed that lovely record with the E-H day, because apparently I’m incompetent at predicting groups E-H.

It’s already started, by the way.

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