Worries about Messi’s injury are drastically overstated

As everyone who follows the world of football is no doubt aware, Barcelona superstar Leo Messi had to be substituted off at half-time in their match against PSG yesterday.

However, worries about Messi’s injury and its possible effect on Barcelona have been drastically overstated by the media and many fans. Click through for why.

1) He may not be out for long, anyway.

The trouble with jumping to conclusions quickly is that you typically don’t have all the facts. Yesterday, newspapers were filled with headlines about Messi being out for 2-3 weeks and being doubtful for the semi-finals and woe is Barcelona! Today, the club released a statement saying that he could be fit as early as the second leg with PSG next week.

The former sells papers, but the latter is accurate. Fans should avoid jumping to conclusions so hastily.

2) Missing a league game is not a big deal.

The one thing everyone agrees on is that Messi will not be playing against Mallorca this weekend. What many people fail to acknowledge is that it’s entirely possible Messi wouldn’t be playing against Mallorca anyway: with such an important game next week, he might have been benched regardless. Barcelona can also afford to lose a few points if it comes to that, and Mallorca are a pretty poor side that Messi shouldn’t be necessary to dispatch in the first place.

3) PSG cannot park the bus.

Barcelona sometimes struggle when teams park the bus, and I think that would be doubly true if Messi was not available. However, PSG cannot afford to park the bus in the second leg: as it stands, Barcelona move on on away goals, and having two means that PSG really won’t be able to breathe unless they score two without Barcelona scoring any. They can’t park the bus. If they do, they won’t move on.

4) Messi is not the only star on Barcelona.

Barcelona may seem like the Leo Messi show at times, but Messi is far from the only world-class player on the team. Many members of the team play an integral part in one of the most decorated national teams ever, and two have been in the top three in the Ballon d’Or multiple times in the past three years.

Leo Messi may be the best player in the world, but Barcelona still have an absurd amount of talent without him, and PSG will have a difficult time containing the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Alba, Pedro, and Alves.


21 responses to “Worries about Messi’s injury are drastically overstated

    • I know. I was so disappointed in that performance.

      I was so disappointed that when I took a nap during half time, I ended up not waking up when my alarm went off just before the second half. I never do that, but I was tired and just didn’t feel like suffering through another 45 minutes of agony.

      On the bright side, I dreamed that Barca lost 6-1, so a 3-0 scoreline was actually kind of welcome.

  1. As far as I could tell, Iniesta was the only Barca player with half a clue today… Even Tito’s performance was shameful.

    Couldn’t have lost to a better team. I love Bayern. But to lose that badly was just embarrassing.

    Subbing Villa in at the 84th minute was like a slap in the face, to me.
    Barca’s too stubborn.

  2. Suarez bit a dude… Best part is when Gerrard refused to comment on the incident and said Suarez is right up there with Messi and Ronaldo right now… It made me picture Messi or Ronaldo biting a fellow player.

    • Heh, when I first heard about this it was in the context of “Chelsea are in an uproar over Suarez’s behavior,” and my first thought was, “Well, whatever he did they probably deserved it.” God, I hate Chelsea.

      It is pretty ridiculous, though, especially since he really tried to gnaw on Ivanovic. I mean, really, Suarez? Biting?

      • I hate Chelsea too but no player should ever have to enter the pitch thinking, “Am I going to get physically eaten today?” : P

      • Well, he wasn’t eaten, so much as nibbled on. That totally makes it better. 😛

        I feel bad for Liverpool. Suarez is an important player for them, but he’s such a loose cannon that he’s also becoming a huge liability.

  3. okay well i thought it would just show the link, not the whole video in a big box… sorry about taking up that space.

    • No worries! I’m sorry I haven’t been replying. I did watch it and enjoy it a lot, but life has been a bit stressful of late. I really appreciate your comments, though, and hopefully I’ll be posting more in the future. 🙂

  4. You’ve probably already seen it, but just in case you haven’t, 60 Minutes did a piece on Messi/the club last month and actually got an interview out of him. I thought it was a great piece, except maybe just a little harsh on Ronaldo when they touch on the rivalry. Here’s the link:

  5. Wow. Pedro scoring was my one of my hopes today too… Just the perfect, perfect moment to net one. And Villa assisting? I might cry.

  6. some “Barca” fan told me Villa’s been underwhelming… with more shots and goals than Pedro, Tello or Sanchez in half the playing time… ARG!

  7. Well that was interesting…

    No Barca fan I know would’ve predicted 2 assists and 2 goals for Sanchez, or 2 assists and 3 goals for Fabregas…

    Was it opposite day or was Mallorca that bad?

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