Most Valuable Teams (for UEFA coefficients)

Hey, I told you I liked stats.

So after calculating the UCL/Europa coefficients and figuring out how many points came from which competition for the top leagues, I got to thinking: which teams have contributed the most to their league’s UEFA coefficient?

So, in typical overachieving fashion, I used my spreadsheets from the UEFA coefficients post to calculate the points they’ve contributed to their coefficient for the last four seasons, and then calculated the percentage those points make up of their coefficient.

Again, I said I was a little obsessed with statistics.

So who came out on top? Click through to see.

Most Valuable Teams: 1-5
League Club Percentage Points
Portugal FC Porto 27.7% 13.119
France Olympique Lyon 26% 12.273
Germany Bayern Munich 25.8% 15.833

Benfica 25.7% 12.161
Spain FC Barcelona 23.1% 16.232

You’ll enjoy the next table if you’re thinking, “Are you kidding me, Portugal?”

First, though, I want to acknowledge that most of these are probably news to no one. However, lest anyone feel the burning desire to disrespect Bayern Munich anytime in the near future, I will point out that the only team that has earned more points for their league in the last four years was Barcelona, and it really wasn’t by much. The next one down is actually Porto (this is what happens when you have a bad year, Madrid and United – you get beat by Porto), so if you look at that difference, Bayern’s really not far behind Barcelona at all.

And while percentages are useful to measure effect on a league, because Porto’s points are worth more to Portugal than Barcelona’s are to Spain, point for point, it’s completely reasonable to compare point totals between two different teams. They had equal opportunity to earn them.

So, Barcelona and Bayern: raking in the points for their leagues, and reaching finals while they do it.

Then Bayern lose. Unfairly. To less deserving teams that 362 days out of the year, Bayern could demolish.

I’m not bitter. Really. And Bayern’s losses in no way remind me of Barcelona’s losses – the wasted corners, the dozens of shots that nothing comes of, the keeper for the opposing team choosing that day to step up, the possession that doesn’t actually end up making a difference…

All right, fine. While the idea of most non-Barcelona heavyweights losing is kind of fun just for the novelty of it, even when I like the team, Bayern’s losses just give me horrible flashbacks. So I prefer Bayern to always win, unless they’re playing Barcelona, Valencia, and Swansea, if for some insane reason Bayern are playing the random Welsh EPL side.

Maybe Arsenal too, except that knowing Arsenal they’d just go and lose to Stoke or AC Milan or someone the next round after beating Bayern fucking Munich. Preferably after having a 3 goal lead or something.

Just for example. I don’t even know why I said it, that never happens to Arsenal!

Damnit, Arsenal.

Most Valuable Teams: 6-20
Italy Inter Milan 22.3%

Portugal Sporting Lisbon 21.6% 10.23
England Manchester United 19.1% 12.688
Portugal Sporting Braga 18.6% 8.833
Spain Real Madrid 18.6% 13.071
England Chelsea 18.3% 12.2
Italy AC Milan 18% 8.928
England Arsenal 16.7% 11.101
Spain Atlético Madrid 15.6% 11
Germany Schalke 04 13.6% 8.375
Spain Valencia 13.5% 9.517
France Paris Saint-Germain 12.6% 5.952
France Girondins Bordeaux 12.3% 5.785
Italy AS Roma 11.9% 5.892
France Lille 11.8% 5.583

I’m not going to spend a lot of time dissecting this. I just thought that it was interesting.


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