UCL matchday 3 predictions part 2

Zenit/Anderlecht is already underway, but that’s okay. I’ve already got it all down in UEFA’s match predictor.

Speaking of which, yesterday totally broke my awful E-H record. I’m a little annoyed at second guessing myself on Valencia – I originally had 0-3 and ended up changing it to 1-3 – but still, good day for me.

Helped along, of course, by the fact that I successfully played a joker and my three “well, I won’t get anything for predicting it the other way, anyway” all played out. Celtic, Nordsjælland, and Braga defied expectations and won me almost 300 points.

Anyway. Onto today. It’ll probably go terribly, just as payback for such a good day yesterday.



Zenit St. Petersburg v. Anderlecht

Predicted scoreline: 3-0
First score: Anderlecht

Again, Zenit scoring first just isn’t worth betting on. Zenit seem to be letting me down, though – I had such high hopes for them, too.


Ajax v. Manchester City

Predicted scoreline: 1-2
First score: Ajax

I actually originally pegged Ajax as winning this, but I just don’t think it’s going to happen, unfortunately. City will probably eke this out with an unwarranted penalty in the 93′.

Oh. That was the last game? Still.


Arsenal v. Schalke

Predicted scoreline: 2-0
First score: Arsenal

Always possible that they won’t, of course, but being home and good and all of that, I think they’ll manage this, even if Schalke are having a great season so far.


Borussia Dortmund v. Real Madrid

Predicted scoreline: 2-1
First score: Dortmund

Dortmund haven’t had the best start to the season domestically, but they’re a quality side, and I think that they’ll pull off a win, especially with Madrid’s recent defensive woes. I hope they do, anyway.


Porto v. Dynamo Kyiv

Predicted scoreline: 2-0
First score: Porto

It’s Porto. Come on. Having said that, of course, Porto will probably lose by six goals, but hey.


Dinamo Zagreb v. PSG

Predicted scoreline: 0-3
First score: Dinamo Zagreb

Again, it’s not worth it to put PSG scoring first, even though I suspect they will. PSG have yet to really impress me, but still, I think they should be fine here.


Málaga v. AC Milan

Predicted scoreline: 2-0
First score: Málaga

Málaga’s performance so far this season has attracted a lot of people to them. I personally like Málaga a lot, despite the oil money – given the history of the region, at least Málaga getting oil money makes some sense. Ultimately, I don’t see Málaga carrying on like this all year, but they haven’t seemed to run out of steam yet.


Montpellier v. Olympiacos

Predicted scoreline: 2-0
First score: Montpellier

I like Montpellier and I would love to see them do well here. I saw them play live and it was a great experience, and they did one of the two things a club can do to make me get invested in a club: they denied an oil money club a title. ❤  (The other thing a team can do is beat Real Madrid, by the way.)


We’ll see how this goes.


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