Round 8: Predictions v. Outcomes

Making predictions is no fun if one doesn’t look back and say, “Nice try, self. Better luck next time.” Or, in rare situations, “Wow, self, you must be psychic! (Or bribing the ref. For Madrid/Barcelona/Zaragoza/take your pick.)

Málaga v. Valladolid

Predicted scoreline: 2-1
Actual scoreline: 2-0

Yes! I accurately predicted the outcome of a match between one of the best sides in the league this season and an inconsistent newly-promoted side that was coming into the match off a draw with one of this year’s “abysmal starts to the season!” I even got Málaga’s scoreline right, though I gave Valladolid an extra goal. I figured it would mimic their match with Atlético, but I guess not.

Bow before my amazing skill.

Real Madrid v. Celta Vigo

Predicted scoreline: 4-1
Actual scoreline: 2-0

Damn. Cursed by the 2-0 again. Why did I bother giving any visitors the benefit of the doubt that they’d score a goal?

Valencia v. Athletic Bilbao

Predicted scoreline: 3-1
Actual scoreline: 3-2

Oh. Right. That’s why.

As a Valencia fan, I want to commend them on continuing their unbeaten streak at home, though I would like to request that they start winning on the road and maybe, if it’s not too much trouble, not leave winning until the last five minutes of the match. The first one’s more important, though.

Deportivo La Coruña v. Barcelona

Predicted scoreline: 1-1
Actual scoreline: 4-5

Well, I pegged this as the upset of Saturday. I wasn’t quite right on the specifics, but I had the sentiment right. Glad Barcelona won, and I’m not even going to ask for less tension next time – it’s good once in awhile!

Coming right on the heels of the Valencia scare, though, it was a bit much.

Getafe v. Levante

Predicted scoreline: 1-0
Actual scoreline: 0-1

Not what I guessed, but like I said, I was not at all confident. Glad it turned out this way, though. I appreciate Getafe more now that they’re not the Burger Kings, but I actually like Levante when they’re not playing Barcelona or Valencia. (I tend to root for the Valencian Community as a whole. It’s okay – VCF officially congratulated Levante on their Europa qualification and sympathized with Villarreal on their relegation. When was the last time you saw Madrid or Barcelona do that with their derby rivals? Not recently.)

Espanyol v. Rayo Vallecano

Predicted scoreline: 0-3
Actual scoreline: 3-2

Well, Espanyol, congratulations for your first win of the season. I guess. I’m not attached to Espanyol like I am to Levante, where I do like Rayo Vallecano. Oh well.

Granada v. Zaragoza

Predicted scoreline: 2-2
Actual scoreline: 1-2

Well, Zaragoza won, which is cause for celebration. I like Zaragoza, because they tend toward engaging, ridiculous comebacks that are exciting just because they’re so crazy. You never know with Zaragoza. They could have to beat Barcelona, Real Madrid, Valencia, and Atlético in the last four rounds of the season to escape relegation, and they would probably actually do it. Because they’re kind of crazy. And it was kind of thrilling, though nothing compared to some of the other matches of the round.

Osasuna v. Real Betis

Predicted scoreline: 2-0
Actual scoreline: 0-0

I have no real attachment to Osasuna, but man, guys, this is starting to look bad. Are you and Espanyol going to be the Santanders of this season? Please don’t. Relegation battles are more fun when it’s not just one spot up for grabs.

Real Sociedad v. Atlético Madrid

Predicted scoreline: 0-4
Actual scoreline: 0-1

I have deeply conflicted feelings about Atlético. On one hand, they’ve tended to be my second-favorite Madrid team, behind Rayo Vallecano (awesome stadium + great atmosphere). On the other, I was very unhappy to see them beat Valencia and Athletic in Europa, and then they knocked Villarreal down and I spent all summer resenting them and Falcao’s stupid head. But then they humiliated Chelsea! That kind of made up for it. And right now they’re 8 (!) points ahead of Real Madrid, and that pleases me on principle. I think they could stay on top with Barcelona all season and people still wouldn’t get tired of saying, “Oh, Barcelona and Madrid on top again, same old same old… ha, it’s the other Madrid.”

So I was pretty happy to see Atlético keeping pace, even though they’ll drop off eventually. And they certainly left it to the last.

Sevilla v. Mallorca

Predicted scoreline: 3-1
Actual scoreline: 3-2

Good game, and I was pleased to see Sevilla win. They’re now tied on points with Madrid, and they’re better head-to-head. That is what I want to see in the league! Let’s keep it up until Round 20. That would be nice.

So I got no scorelines right, and half the outcomes. Well, that’s something.


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