La Liga: Round 8 Predictions

La Liga Weekend Predictions:

The thing I’ve noticed about predictions is that most of the time, people end up looking foolish. However, speculation is fun, anyway, and there are worse things than looking a little foolish.

Worrying about looking foolish, for example.

Round 8!


Málaga v. Valladolid

Málaga have been looking terrific lately, and they were unlucky to get their first loss of the season off an own goal against Atlético Madrid last round. Valladolid are, predictably, all over the map. That seems to be how newly-promoted sides go.

I’ll often go against the “sure” thing, but for this one, I’m going to give it to Málaga.

Predicted scoreline: 2-0


Real Madrid v. Celta Vigo

Anyone who’s been paying attention during international break knows that Real Madrid are having a bit of an injury crisis. I feel bad for the players, especially Marcelo, but less than sympathetic toward the club – they’ve gotten lucky with injuries lately.

Celta have two wins in their last three, but they’ll be going to the Bernabeu, and it is Real Madrid. I don’t see them pulling off an upset.

Predicted scoreline: 4-1

Valencia v. Athletic Bilbao

Oh, Valencia. Well, at least if you lose, I won’t have to get up before the sun to watch it.

No, in all seriousness, while Valencia have been less than convincing this season, they’ve been solid at home. They should manage a win.

Predicted scoreline: 3-1

Deportivo La Coruña v. Barcelona

Well, Barca have come back from international week without having suffered any injuries, which is a nice change. Depor aren’t looking great since their promotion, unfortunately, but I’m going to peg this as the surprise upset of Saturday.

Predicted scoreline: 1-1

Getafe v. Levante

Speaking of inconsistency… they’ve both been all over the place. My guess is a Getafe win, but really, it’s anyone’s guess.

Predicted scoreline: 1-0

Espanyol v. Rayo Vallecano

Rayo are another inconsistent team so far this season, where Espanyol have just been absolutely abysmal. If they’re not careful, they’ll go the way of Santander.

Logic says that Espanyol will have to pick it up eventually. I’m not convinced that eventually will be tomorrow.

Predicted scoreline: 0-3


Granada v. Zaragoza

And now we’ve started to exit inconsistent and enter the realms of mediocre, though in Granada’s defense, they’ve had to play Barca and Madrid already. (Not that Real are the Madrid striking fear into the hearts of players everywhere this season…)

But Zaragoza tend to be a wild card. Thrilling draw that no one bothers to watch? Sure, I’ll go with that.

Predicted scoreline: 2-2

Osasuna v. Real Betis

Betis! I really enjoy Betis and I find their aversion to draws this season amusing. Osasuna are another team that are just doing horribly, but unfortunately (for Betis, anyway), I suspect they’ll win this.

Alternatively, they’ll go into extra time with Betis behind by a goal, and Betis will end up winning.

Predicted scoreline: 2-0


Real Sociedad v. Atlético Madrid

Sociedad have a tendency to be tough at home, but Atléti are on a roll. My guess is that they’ll win.

Predicted scoreline: 0-4


Sevilla v. Mallorca

I cannot wait for this game. Sevilla have been solid this season, as have Mallorca (to a slightly lesser extent), and I’m looking forward to possibly seeing Fontas actually get on the field. (And, of course, Navas, but I always look forward to seeing Navas. Sevilla are my third Spanish team, mostly because I really, really like Navas.)

Predicted scoreline: 3-1


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